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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blade modifications update

New version will be out later this weekend. Have a good Mothers Day everyone.

I just finished a few things including turning blades off/on, and resetting them. I also fixed a few problems that were discovered this week with password and username verification. I was doing my checks against the wrong character list, so that has been changed and all valid usernames and passwords should be accepted by SiMU going forward. The same is true of hostnames and IP addresses (I changed them to standard inputs, but don't know if there was a problem before or not).

Fixes: Username and password verification - working properly now
Additions: All features on the blade edit screen (power on/off, reset, locator led, user label) work.

SiMU will run on an iPad in "iPhone mode", but I will need to compile a new version. I'll start including that on this page once I had a beta tester on the iPad.

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