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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beta 2.6.5 is ready

Does this feel more like alpha testing? :) It should, I'm basically producing a version for you every time I complete and internally test (hit the three UCS systems I have access too and not crash anything). We have some more screens for the Service Profiles. I have put "Not implemented yet" on the ones that don't work, crazy, I know. You can't see any difference, but I changed how I'm doing all of the work now. What does this mean to you, you say? Well, it means that I might actually get this done in a reasonable amount of time and make it available on the app store.

Let's put it this way, I'm not a programmer, and I'm doing this project because I always wanted to learn how to write an iPhone app, and I thought the XML based UCS manager was just a cool way to do two things at once. So, here we are. The problem is that either I clean my program up, or it will never get into the app store. So, much of the work I'm doing now is just that, cleaning.

You don't see it, but the application is getting much better and cleaner (read less bugs and mistakes) it also makes it easier to implement things. Once I put in the new "stuff" it only took me about 30 minutes to add the "Change Description of a Service Profile". That's REALLY fast compared to how I have been doing it.

The next changes will be turning on/off/resetting the blade from the profile screen, then I'm going to implement associating a profile with a blade, then creating a profile from a template. The changes I have made the past few evenings will make this much easier.

How to install. As long as you have already sent me your UUID info with BetaAssist or some other way, you should be able to download the .zip file from the link above. Unzip it, and drag the simu.ipa file into iTunes. If you have not previously installed, but have contacted me, you need to drag both the provisioning file, and the simu.ipa file into iTunes.

Oh, no iPad release right now for this version. If you need it, tell me and I'll do it.

Thanks everyone!

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