SiMU Pro released to the App Store!

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  • Read-write usernames are now usable. Some options can be changed in the system. PLEASE be careful, and use a RO username if you are worried about making a human error.

Monday, August 16, 2010

SiMU Lab available on the app store!

It's there! After over 8 months of work I finally have SiMU on the App Store. It still needs to features like SSL primarily, but that's going to take some time due to requiring a test system for Apple to test against, and me getting US government approval.

If you get a change, please install SiMU Lab from the App Store. It's free!

Copy of the email I sent to my beta users:

It's my pleasure to announce that the first version of SiMU was released to the Apple App Store. This would not have been possible without many of your comments, suggestions, and of course finding bugs for me. :) The application is free and available as I write this note. (I just downloaded and installed it myself.

My final ask of you is to download and install the application. It's free, and if I get some downloads on the first day it should help get some recognition on the store.

The first version will not include SSL encryption. I need to resolve two things for that to happen, so it's going to be a little while. You should be able to continue using the Beta version if you need encryption. There are very few, if any bugs fixed in the release that you don't have. There are some cosmetic changes that you may notice.

Thanks everyone! Please download the application tomorrow from your device if you can. I will really appreciate it.

If you search for "cisco ucs" it's the only hit. Or you can follow this link: Link to AppStore


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

App Store submission

I've created a build called SiMU Lab. This is a non-encrypted version of SiMU. I'm doing this to get around the problem of exporting encryption out of the country.

The app has been reviewed and rejected because they need a server to connect too. I'll have a virtual lab setup soon for them, so I'm hoping to have it approved in the next 2 weeks. Once that version is accepted I'll work on the encrypted version.

Thanks for your support everyone.