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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crossing Fingers

I finally read a few more obscure sections of the BIS web site, tried calling the person at the bottom of the message I received (he never answered or returned my calls), and finally came to the conclusion that I was rejected because I didn't need to get a CCATS number.

With that in mind I started looking around more and I noticed that I could also submit an ERN number to Apple. I had read a few things about ERN (Encryption Registration Number), and was already investigating how to get this.  An ERN number allows you to export standard encryption technology, and report each year on your product (software). This is the notice on the Apple encryption page:

So I went back to the SNAP-R site and found how to do this here:

I filled out the short form they wanted and submitted it. I received instant approval. I took that approval and pasted the web screen into a word document along with the information that I was using HTTPS/SSL in the app and submitted the entire thing to Apple.

This is a copy of the message a received back from BIS that I pasted into the document for Apple.

I'll update the blog again when/if I get approval from Apple.  Hopefully that will be soon.  It in "Waiting for Export Compliance" right now after I uploaded the binary.

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