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Friday, December 17, 2010

Limbo anyone?

I'm in limbo.. I submitted everything to the government to get my CCATS number on the 3rd of December. On the 8th I got the most cryptic message I have EVER read. Honestly, I have no idea what the heck they told me. From what I can decipher they are telling me that I need to be in compliance with a bunch of stuff. Well, yes that's why I filled all that stuff out. Duh.

Below you can find their letter. Sorry for the pictures, but the PDF they sent is encrypted. Oh, here is a note for you iPhone developers out there. The PDF they send is encrypted, but it does not require a password. If you use Preview on your Mac it will think it needs a password and you won't be able to open the file. Download the Mac Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the files with that. It a secured file, so you can't copy it electronically in text form. Hence the pictures below. Bottom line, Preview can't open this file from the SNAP-R site.

I'll update when you know something. Right now I'm not Denied, so I'll just keep waiting.

A big thank you to Stephen Lombardo who wrote the Mass Market Encryption CCATS Commodity Classification for iPhone Applications in 8 Easy Steps. It's a great resource.

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