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Friday, July 23, 2010

The government!

I've spent the last two weekends and most of the evenings cleaning up SiMU and getting it ready for app store submission. Redoing the icons to be the right size, getting screen shots for iTunes, making sure all my debugging code it removed or turned off, and then I did it. I click the button that says "Add New Application". It asks for the primary language, Done. It asks for the Company Name, Done. Then it asks if I have any encryption in my app... Well, yes it uses SSL, but certainly this can't be what they are referring too. Oh yes it is.

So, now because I use SSL to talk to the UCSM I need to get the government to "approve" my application before I can submit it to Apple. Some people are saying this can take a month or two after I submit.. Pathetic. I'm off to fill out some ridiculous document and submit it (hopefully not via fax) to someone that probably doesn't know anything about this industry. Wish me luck..

I might put out a final beta version based on the release code. We'll see how this goes first.


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