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  • Read-write usernames are now usable. Some options can be changed in the system. PLEASE be careful, and use a RO username if you are worried about making a human error.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm currently rebuilding a few of the methods so that I can write information to the UCSM. Rather than logging in each time I'm using the XML refresh function and running a timer (based on the timeout for the userID that you used to login). So, now you will stay logged into the UCSM while the application is active. If you exit SiMU the application logs you out prior to terminating so that resources on the system are not tied up. I've also changed it so the userID can have read-write access and if it does you have the ability to modify some settings on the system. I hope to have a usable version out by the end of the weekend. I've also changed how the application checks input to verify that it's valid. I now check every time a character is entered and turn the text red if it's not valid.

  • Set the User Label for a blade - Done
  • Associating a Profile to a blade - I know how to enter it, now I need to build a screen to do it.

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